BIV 47: JOMO and your brand with Darian Kovacs

Listen, instead of talking incessantly, to your customers

In this week’s headlines:

  • A UK Supreme Court ruling on the country’s exit from the European Union means a vote by Parliament is required before it can happen. While it won’t derail Brexit, this recent news continues to make the country’s break with the EU a fascinating and important story in 2017.
  • Lionsgate garnered 27 Academy Award nominations through its various films. But Vancouver, where Lionsgate was born, remains essentially a services centre and prop for Hollywood productions whose talent remains in Los Angeles.
  • A Quebec court greenlights a class action lawsuit against Uber. What does that mean for an eventual move into the B.C. market?
  • The Bank of Canada is maintaining its low overnight rates, with no change expected until 2018.

And in the feature interview: Jelly Marketing’s Darian Kovacs talks about content fatigue among consumers, the move toward JOMO – joy over missing out, and how brands must listen to their customers as opposed to talking at them all the time. And how Wendy’s has become a snarky Twitter star.

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Hayley Woodin and Tyler Orton co-host.


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