Burnaby reluctantly cutting down trees at Deer Lake Park

The City of Burnaby has removed a poplar tree down at Deer Lake Park by the Hart House – with nine more slated to be removed soon from the bucolic location.

The city issued a news release on Friday as part of a renewed commitment to inform the public about trees being cut after recent criticism over a perceived lack of communication when cherry trees were cut down on Boundary Road.

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The city said it had no choice but to make this decision due to safety issues.

“The reason these trees have to come out is because they have some serious structural issues,” said a statement. “The city avoids removing trees where possible. But in this case, with Deer Lake Park being a high-traffic pedestrian area, these trees pose a risk to the public if they’re left in the ground. Poplar trees are not known for longevity. Their purpose is to grow fast and help build soil which they have done.”

The city says it’s still sourcing the replacements trees, but is “aiming to plant trees that would be twice the size of what would normally be required as per the bylaw. The new trees will have much longer lifespans and grow to even larger proportions, leading to a greater environmental benefit for future generations. We expect those trees to be in the ground by spring.

“We’re going to leave the stump from the first tree in the ground, so that the public can see the rationale behind taking these trees out.”

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