Letter: Compliance 'champions' need to get out of my backyard


The highlight of my week was reading that COVID-19 compliance efforts are being scaled back and the champion staff that were used and abused daily are now going back to regular duties. 

Pier Park is my backyard and I visit multiple times per day. Was I the only one that was sick and tired of being stopped and told when and how I could enter the park? 

There are hundreds of pathways, sidewalks and staircases that are narrower and busier than the entrances of Pier Park. Thank you to the champions that put up with us for the last few months, but I hope that I never see you at the park again. 

Oh wait, on Friday one of them told me that they are still going to be at Pier Park entrances as a priority area. Please tell me that this is not true? It is time for personal responsibility and for you to get out of my backyard.

Mike Keefer, New Westminster


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