Letter: New West walkers wrong about proposed Pattullo paths


Re: New West groups seek Pattullo changes, Record news

I admire the advocacy that the Walkers’ Caucus group does for walkers, but I must disagree with their position on the proposed paths on the new Pattullo Bridge. 

Yes, overpasses require travelling longer distances and going uphill, but I have never heard of an incident involving a fatality or serious injury on a pedestrian/cycling overpass. 

Level crossings require motorists to abide by the signals which the vast majority do but, unfortunately, a small minority do not, leading to collisions with pedestrians. 

Aside from the danger posed by motor vehicles, I detest having to press a beg button and wait in the rain or cold to cross a street. I’d rather walk further at my own pace across an overpass.

Dale Darychuk, New Westminster

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