Letter: This New West street is safer, but now our street is worse


I am writing in response to the recent letter to the editor by Brennan Anstey and to the notice distributed to Fader Street residents from George Jankovic, transportation technologist for the City of New Westminster.

While I appreciate the concerns voiced by many of the residents of Fader, I question the appropriateness of this particular traffic calming measure.  

Similar to the residents of the 400 block of Fader, residents of Kelly, Garrett, Major and Wilson Streets are subjected to increased vehicle traffic, unsafe navigation of vehicles, often at speeds greater than the posted limit.  

In addition to individuals wanting to drive our residential streets as a quick thoroughfare to beat Columbia Street traffic, we must jockey for parking on our streets because people choose to ignore resident parking only and the two-hour parking limit.  

It is unfortunate a single block within what one would describe as an inclusive community gets exclusive treatment. Did Anstey think to canvass outside of this immediate block?

We know changes within a small community can have great and far-reaching impacts on others. So now that this block closed to vehicle traffic from Braid and limited to local traffic from Major, the rest of us get to experience increased vehicle traffic, more difficulty with street parking and an increased safety risks to the children on our streets.  

A cooperative and collaborative community member should be evaluating the impact on all community members, not just the exclusive 400 block of Fader.

The letter dated July 17, 2020 from Jankovic references the city’s desire to support Streets for people in 2020 initiative. In reviewing this initiative, the city endeavours to create spaces on city streets to encourage walking, rolling, biking and socializing while adhering to physical distancing.

I question how preventing vehicle access off of Braid and limiting access to local residents from Major Street (counts as) increased road safety. I walk my dog several times a day, often walking Fader Street.  

Since these traffic-calming measures have been put in place, I have witnessed what I presume to be Fader residents access Fader via Major, only to do a three-point turn in the middle of the street to be able to park southbound towards Major.  

This practice doesn’t seem to align with the residents’ desire for a safe street. There are only three homes on Fader which have driveways, so I imagine this may be the new common practice, increasing road safety risks to children and to the cyclist riding this designated bike route.

Disappointed in the choice of calming measures and the lack of collaboration with other Sapperton residents.

Marla Teleske, New Westminster


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