Letter: 4-way intersections are too complex for most drivers...apparently


I think it is time for a refresher lesson on four-way stop signs.

I travel through the busy intersection of Cumberland and Sixth daily and I would say that in excess of 80% of people making a left turn are completely unaware of the fact that they must give way to the person going straight through.

It happened again tonight.

I was waiting my turn to go through the intersection while the cars in the other direction took their turn - there was a bit of a line in every direction so this wasn't a case of not quite being sure who got there first. When my direction's turn came, the person turning left across me almost hit me because they felt that it was their right of way to go first.
As stated in the ICBC drivers guide Section 4, Rules of the Road, page 46, "If two vehicles are facing each other and have arrived at the intersection at about the same time, the one making a left turn should yield to the one going straight through."
I'm hoping that a little refresher on four-way stops will make the roads a little safer for everyone.

David Hanson, New Westminster

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