Man slapped with $115 fine for riding between the SkyTrain cars in Vancouver

A man was caught riding in between SkyTrain cars by Metro Vancouver Transit Police on Thursday, Oct. 18.

Reddit user FlySociety1 also posted about the incident, stating that he saw the man being removed by Transit Police from between the cars. He remarks that the man was casually looking down at his phone while standing on the metal link that connects the SkyTrain cars, and that there was nothing for him to hold on to.

“I am actually shocked someone would be able to stand there and not fall off the train as it moves,” he wrote. “Eventually transit security who were at the station noticed him also and pulled him off.”

Vancouver Is Awesome spoke to Clint Hampton, media relations officer, Metro Vancouver Transit Police, who explained exactly what happened on the train, as well as how dangerous the behaviour was.

“The incident took place around 5:45 p.m., and the individual rode between Main Street-Science World Station and Commercial-Broadway Station,” he said.

“We can’t emphasize enough how dangerous this behaviour is. Not only could he have gotten hurt, but he could have also died — the trains move extremely fast.”

Hampton notes that the man was charged a $115 fine under the Greater Vancouver Transit Conduct and Safety and Regulations.

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