Opinion: Burnaby ratrunners like to hound drivers of electric vehicles too

Chris Campbell

The most-read story on the Burnaby NOW website this weekend is my blog about how ratrunners like to angrily tailgate people. You can read it here.

The blog has definitely resonated with drivers, with a few attacking me for being unfair to ratrunners.

I also received a letter from the driver of an electric vehicle who says ratrunners get especially frustrated with them because of how they have to operate their vehicle.

The letter is by Corby, who didn’t want their full name used.

“I read your article about ratrunners. I experience this on a daily basis as I drive an electric vehicle and of course, trying to maintain a steady speed so as not to chew up my battery charge. I am harassed by these types of drivers daily for doing the speed limit, sometimes exceeding to keep up with the flow. I find it’s not just male drivers, it's equally female drivers whom have no patience. The stares, glares and angry gestures are a regular occurrence. It's not my fault they don't plan ahead and leave a little earlier for their destination but hey, unfortunately this is the sign of the times.

“These ratrunners will often pass me with either their angry zombie face or they will give a glare that clearly shows their BP is through the roof. There are too many traffic lights these days and I will often pull up beside them while they wait for the go signal and through my peripheral vision, see them looking over at me...I don't do anything to provoke as I have a wife, kids, home and businesses that require me to be there. My slowly timed braking, which regenerates power back to the battery irks them even more but seriously not trying to fan the fire, just optimizing my battery life.”

Imagine you are just trying to be a part of the solution to the climate crisis and ratrunners thank you by freaking out.

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