Opinion: Cops busted 15 drivers today at Burnaby's worst intersections

Chris Campbell

Here is a stat that should curl your hair and make you think twice when you are out driving in Burnaby.

A whopping 60% of all crashes in B.C. take place at intersections.

It should be surprising because driving through an intersection should be a simple thing. The light goes green, you go. The light goes yellow or red, you stop. The blinking left-turn signal tells you when to turn left.

Alas, some people are too stupid or lazy to follow Burnaby road laws.

Burnaby RCMP staked out several local intersections with high crash rates (the locations were not supplied to the NOW, but the worst intersections in our city for crashes are Willingdon and Kingsway, Edmonds and Kingsway, Lougheed and North Road).

In a short period of time, traffic-enforcement officers nailed 15 drivers with tickets at these intersections, including:

6 for failing to stop for a yellow or red light

4 for illegal U-turns

3 for distracted driving

1 for speeding

1 for driving contrary to their driver’s licence restriction

And a partridge in a…oh, sorry, still in Christmas mode, I guess.

Let’s go through this again. You cannot pull a U-turn at a controlled intersection. Sanity should tell you this is a terrible thing to do in traffic.

Please learn the rules of the road.

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