Opinion: Dude, you can't drive in Burnaby like this. Enjoy your ticket

Chris Campbell

One of the most popular stories on the Burnaby NOW website this week was my blog about drivers not clearing their vehicle’s windows. 

Or the top of their vehicle and all around it. (You can read that column here.)

I guess some people just didn’t get the message.

Check out this photo of a vehicle in which the side windows are covered in snow. The Burnaby RCMP tweeted it out and said its officers had ticketed the driver and they will have to pay $109.

Sadly, the driver didn't get their vehicle impounded. That would have been nice. Let them take transit or walk in the snow to consider their behaviour.

"A Burnaby RCMP officer attempted to stop the male driver, but he turned down into the parkade at Crystal Mall and stopped at the bottom of the ramp," read a statement. "When the officer approached, the driver did not see him until he was right in front of the vehicle."

So, good that the windshield was clear. Also good, the roof being clear.

Having the windows blocked, not so good.

Bad, actually. How can you see other vehicles when you are trying to change lanes, you moron.

Seriously, get it together, people.

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