Opinion: Heather Leung's campaign ended the way it started - shrouded in darkness

While other Burnaby federal election candidates were whooping up it up Monday night, things looked pretty dark for Heather Leung.

The Hastings Street campaign office for the Burnaby North-Seymour candidate – fired recently by the Conservative Party of Canada due to the revelation of homophobic comments – was pretty dark except for the glow of a TV showing election results.

Leung ended up in third place in what was considered a very winnable riding for the Conservatives.

Many voters express disdain for Leung’s campaign team, which continued to use signs emblazoned with her name and the Conservative label, despite her being fired by the party.

The dark campaign office was a fitting image for what was a campaign shrouded in darkness. From the time she was nominated as the candidate - against the wishes of some in the constituency's executive - Leung was a ghost. She refused interview requests, not just from the media, but also from neutral observers such as CPAC. 

Leung also refused to take part in all-candidates' meetings, debates and townhalls, all except for one business event on the North Shore. 

Leung likely hoped videos of her past homophobic comments remained in the dark, but they found their way into the light.

So, what happens now for Leung in politics? She's likely finished as a candidate for any sort of major federal or provincial party based on what's transpired in recent weeks.

But we'll perhaps see her again in the next Burnaby election if the Burnaby First Coalition runs candidates again. 

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