Opinion: This Burnaby ‘neighbour from hell’ throws poop at her

Chris Campbell

If I could name a subgenre of my Now & Then blog, it would be the “Neighbours from Hell” series.

Burnaby residents have supplied me with a long series of these terrible neighbours who take simple disputes and escalate them to terrifying heights that often involve the RCMP.

There was the notorious TikTok tenant who eventually was forced to move out. Then there was this dude who didn’t like being told to manage his cigarette butts.

And now we have a “neighbour from hell” who uses dog poop as his weapon.

I was contacted by Helen (not her real name because she’s terrified of her neighbour), a Burnaby senior who has a neighbour who doesn’t like being told what to do with his dog’s excrement.

Helen once politely suggested to her neighbour that he not dispose of his dog’s poop in her garden. Not only did he ignore this request, he’s taken things up a few notches. Sometimes he doesn’t just place the poop in her garden – he tosses it at her, laughing all the time.

She call the cops on him, but what were they going to do without any actual evidence. Helen does have photos, but apparently these are not enough.

dog poo
Maybe this is a solution for the proliferation of dog poo?

In response, the man set up a video camera to watch her gardening activities. When she’s out there, she hears a voice on a speaker that warns he’s calling the cops if she doesn’t stop “digging” in the garden.

The man threatens repeatedly to sue her and calls her names.

"You’re a psycho b***h who should be committed,” is a common comment from him to Helen.

And remember, all this started because she didn’t want him to dump is dog’s poop in her garden. Does a grown man really not realize this was a wrong thing to do?

Sadly, some people – especially certain toxic men – refuse to be told anything lest their manhood be threatened. This is true when it comes to dog poop.

“I’m waiting to see if the police can resolve this but, in the meantime, I have to live and survive,” Helen says. “As I told the regular police, ‘You can kill somebody without laying a finger on them.’”

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