This are Burnaby’s best Turkish kebabs. They will skewer your heart

Chris Campbell

I’m always jealous of my brother Jason.

This is due to a variety of reasons, including him being way smarter than I am and better-looking.

But it’s also because he’s travelled to more exotic places than I have (long story about why), including Turkey.

I mention Turkey because he’s dined on truly authentic Turkish food and never misses an opportunity to remind me of this.

So, I was happy to hear that a new Turkish restaurant called Saray had moved onto Hastings, just west of Sperling.

It’s not as great as going to Turkey, but is a tasty way of getting a little closer to the heart of this historic place.

Saray offers a wide array of food, but I went straight for the kebabs – settling on ground beef during a recent lunch.

As you can see from the photo, you get a huge plate of food with two giant kebabs that are so tender and soft you won’t need to use your knife. A bite fills your mouth with incredible spices that at both bold and subtle.

Along with the kebabs, you get two giant pieces of bread, a salad, grilled tomato and peppers, plus two different types of rice.

It’s a ridiculous meal that left me feeling woozy with joy.

I went at lunch, but from what the server told me, it’s the weekend evenings that the place really lights up with live music and dancing to go with incredible food.

DISCLAIMER: I have not be compensated by the owners in any way for writing about their restaurant. They don’t even know I am writing about it.

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