This is how much a Burnaby Uber ride will cost you

So, Uber is up and running in Burnaby and you are thinking about trying it.

What will it cost you?

Well, it depends on where you will be travelling to. The Burnaby NOW downloaded the app just to test it out. I have no plans to actually use this service, but thought I would share the results. Also, we couldn’t test out Lyft because it’s not operating in Burnaby yet.

The NOW office is located on Lougheed Highway at Production Way.

I entered several locations that people would typically travel to in order to receive an estimated cost from the app. I have no idea if this is the eventual cost of the ride, but this is what the app says. The cost also doesn’t include a tip.

This is the estimated cost by the app from my office location to:

  • Metropolis at Metrotown mall: $20.09
  • Burnaby Hospital: $18.95
  • Market Crossing shopping centre in South Burnaby: $17.94
  • Brentwood Town Centre: $14.54

For a different comparison, a 22-minute ride from Mount Pleasant to Metrotown that would cost $18.44 with Uber , but would cost an estimated $36.25 with a Vancouver taxi. That includes a $3.25 flag rate, a $1.88 charge per kilometre and a $33.55 charge per hour (or what would amount to about $0.56 per minute).

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