Two shoe giants are running into this Burnaby mall

Remember the old days when you got your “running shoes” at one store that sold all of the brands?

Now there aren’t just running shoes, but all sorts of sports shoes for different sports, for training, for hiking, etc.

And now brands have their own separate stores that sell the shoes, as well as all sorts of branded apparel.

Two of these brands are moving into Burnaby’s Amazing Brentwood expansion that is still under construction.

The mall is getting both Nike and Adidas stores in the expansion. I believe this is a first for Burnaby to have these two together in one mall.

I grew up close to Brentwood and the idea of having a big brand come there 20 years ago was unthinkable. Now the mall is attracting some huge names, including Sporting Life’s first West Coast store.

H&M is also building a two-storey mega-store.

No opening dates yet for these stores, but hopefully sometime this year.

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