Avoid pandemic crowds with made-in-Burnaby food club

A made-in-Burnaby food club aims to increase the purchasing power of individuals and give members access to fresh fruits and vegetables well below retail prices.

By buying a $5 lifetime membership at www.48foodclub.com, ordering online and with in-person pick-up, individuals can safely access food and avoid crowded stores and markets.

Started by Simon Trevelyan, a Burnaby resident, in response to COVIE-19, 48Food Club was inspired by his grandfather William Alford (a farmer in England) How-it-all-started

During the Great Depression, Alford was shocked by the poverty and degradation he saw in his local community. He started leaving fresh food, anonymously, at the doorsteps of people that had no work or income.

Alford never told anyone what he was doing, but word soon spread amongst the villagers about the source of these gifts. From his grandfather, Trevelyan realized how important food security is. He hopes that, in his own way, he can replicate what his grandfather did in the Great Depression.

As a promotion, new members who join 48Food Club by July 1 will get a chance to win $50 of food from the club’s online selection.

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