Burnaby’s ‘enormous portions’ place sticks with takeout-only service

Chris Campbell

Burnaby restaurants have faced some daunting challenges during the past few months to deal with COVID-19.

When the pandemic hit, it was about if they should stay open and try and survive on takeout service. Some restaurants were better equipped than others to set up for takeout and deliveries. Pizza joints, for example.

Then it was how to reopen on June 1, and if that should include sit-down service.

The Burnaby restaurant with the biggest portions has bucked the trend to reopen sit-down service by sticking with takeout.

That restaurant would be Anton’s Pasta, which advertises its “enormous portions” right on its homepage.

This Burnaby Heights institution on Hastings Street prides itself on serving up tasty portions of pasta that you will likely not finish in one sitting. So Anton’s is used to packaging up food and sending it home with diners.

Good for them.

Burnaby restaurants are finding out what works for them and going for it. I was at Anton’s the other night and business seemed brisk. It could returned at some point to sit-down service and if it does, I’ll let you know.

I wrote about Anton’s last October and it was the most-read food blog I’ve had in more than two years.

anton's pasta bar
Noodles with Italian sausage and egg at Anton's Pasta Bar in North Burnaby. Chris Campbell photo

This is part of what I wrote about its enduring charm: “One reason? The huge menu. There are a lot of difference choices of pasta dishes on Anton’s menu. Another reason? Huge portions. It’s a calling card. People proudly waddle out of Anton’s with a container of food that will feed the family for dinner the next night, or you for a few more lunches. Life is expensive in Burnaby so it’s nice to get two meals for the price of one. And eating homemade pasta feels comforting.”

Life is still just as expensive and even more people are out of work right now due to the pandemic.

So if you’re struggling but still want to treat yourself, check out Anton’s and get fed for a few days. Sometimes food equals happiness.

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