Cruel Burnaby back-alley dumpers strike again with this monstrosity

Chris Campbell

First, I published a story about the City of Burnaby spending more than $113,000 cleaning up after illegal dumpers.

Then a reader sent me photos of asbestos-laden material dumped in their back alley in South Burnaby.

Those photos just showed a few bags – check out the photo above.

A reader named Donna sent in this photo of a disgusting pile of construction waste. It’s so huge.

It was dumped a back alley in the 3800 block of Trinity/Yale in Burnaby Heights. These jerks just decided it was too much effort to dispose of it properly and pay the fee so they rolled up like gangstas and unloaded it in the middle of the night.

The City of Burnaby ends up getting called for this and either a city crew takes care of it or the city has to contract out if it’s deemed there is hazardous materials inside the bags.

That all adds up for taxpayers.

“One morning leaving for work a few years ago, I saw someone carrying bags down the back alley and when I got to Boundary Road half the pile was there, when I got home the whole pile was there,” Donna wrote. “I called the police because I was quite sure I knew which house it was from and they told me to just call the city to clean it up. They didn't care so it just keeps happening.”

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