‘Fish in a barrel’ for Burnaby cops on this road

Some roads exist in Burnaby that drivers just can’t seem to slow down on.

Such as Barnet Highway. I should know – I’m sure I’ve sped along there as well. You get out of traffic from Hastings on one side and Port Moody on the other and you just feel like letting loose.

But you shouldn’t, of course, and a whole bunch of drivers learned this the hard way on Monday as Burnaby RCMP partnered with Port Moody police for a speed trap.

It was like fish in a barrel as 61 violation tickets were handed out. Most were speeding, as 44 drivers were nailed. Cops also nailed drivers for distracted driving, failing to wear a seatbelt and being caught with cannabis.

This follows a recent speed trap set up on Burnaby Mountain in which traffic officers caught a driver going 110 km/h in a 50 km/h zone, landing this person a whopping $483 ticket and losing their vehicle for a week.

The week before, the Burnaby RCMP’s traffic enforcement unit stung a bunch of reckless speeders on Father’s Day. The officers targeted playground zones to catch speeds ignoring the 30 km/h rules. A total of 20 tickets were handed out and an insane 11 drivers were caught doing more than double the speed limit. In April, police caught a driver treating Burnaby’s Willingdon Avenue like it was the Trans Canada Highway.

The driver was going – get this – 113 km/h in a 50 km/h zone.

I think ICBC should just no longer insure these drivers for a year. This is one way that I’m sure would teach these maniacs a lesson.

People responding to a Burnaby RCMP tweet had other suggestions.

“Can you just imagine what our traffic would be like if there was a law that took away the offender's car? When I was 10, my Dad took 5c out of my allowance for every time a light was left on. I learned quicker than these morons. I so feel for the police. Zero punishment.”

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