Letter: Burnaby transit users hurt by loss of Brentwood mall bus loop


It seems that a past Burnaby council dropped the ball when it was handed to them.

The bus loop at Brentwood mall was lost due to the construction of the mall expansion and condo towers. Transit passengers have to walk much further to catch their bus connection.

From what I have seen, there has been no provision for a bus terminal under the new mall. There is only a connection to the SkyTrain where once there were stairs and a ramp leading to a small bus loop.

Now I find out that Carter Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Ram has closed.
At this time, before any redevelopment plans get submitted, it is my thought that Burnaby City Hall address the lack of easy transfer from train to bus or bus to train by making a terminal a condition to obtaining a building permit. Making an entrance to this new terminal off of Alpha and the exit onto Dawson allows for the traffic lights to move vehicles quickly and gets the buses away from the corners of Lougheed and Willington and blocking traffic while at a bus stop.

Transit riders will be happier that they can stay dry while waiting. A passenger pick up/drop off could also be included similar to the airport with no waiting or stopping unless actively loading or dropping off.
Burnaby council, you now have a vision before you. A challenge so to speak. The Carter Chev GMC and Esso lots provide the easiest connection location between buses and trains, but unless you require this terminal at this location, the opportunity will be lost. Council makes deals for extra density or allowances if the developer does something of benefit to the residents of the city and I see this as a benefit.
Does council have the vision and the intestinal fortitude to require a bus terminal be included in any future redevelopment or not? Are you looking forward or do you just have hindsight? Make it so and I see re-election bonus points overflowing but I can't accurately predict the future.

Jim McGivern, Burnaby

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