Letter: TransLink idea to remove Burnaby bus stops is laughable


Re: TransLink eyes ‘removing’ Burnaby-New West stop to speed up buses, NOW News

I read with hilarity in your Aug. 6 edition of the NOW that the bus stop balancing that TransLink would like to enact so that there aren’t so many bus stops along busy arterial streets so they are able to accommodate, wait for this, more cars.

I can tell you with a 100% degree of certainty that Mr. Desmond, CEO of TransLink has not taken a bus in Burnaby, ever.

And he has no idea of the people that rely on their buses in convenient places for them, and yes, they may even be one bus stop per block, but heaven help us to make it easy and convenient for people to take the bus.

The cars do not need any more assistance in taking up huge amounts of spaces Mr. Desmond, this idea is laughable. In fact, we need less car parking on busy streets and more room for buses and bikes and walking.

What concepts/

So let’s wake up Mayor Mike Hurley and Burnaby city council to squash this ridiculous idea.

Cathy Griffin, Burnaby

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