Opinion: This Burnaby parent is fed up with ‘privileged’ school scofflaws

Chris Campbell

“I’m so tired of privileged humans who can't walk extra 100 metres.

So says Steve, a Burnaby parent who sent in the attached photo of another parent who parks their vehicle illegally, blocking the other parents trying to walk their kids to school.

Steve tells this story so well.

“The driver/owner of this beautiful vehicle was struggling to get his kid out of the back seat due to the way it was park as we were approaching on the pedestrian walkway,” Steve said.

“I said to him, ‘Nice parking.’ He said, ‘Thanks.’ I asked him, ‘How are people supposed to walk there?’ He said, ‘Just walk around it.’ We did as the other parents with kids. Perhaps next time we will walk over it.”

My daughter is 22 now, but it’s not that long ago I witnessed the same sort of garbage at her schools.

Parents who didn’t want to park legally because it’s at the back of the line so they just park wherever the hell they want to, no matter how it impacted others.

‘Not only the driver blocked the walkway, he parked right under the ‘no parking’ sign,” Steve said. “Because he is better than everyone else. ‘You suckers search for a parking spot away from the school, but I park here and block your way too.’ In addition, two vehicles seen parked in the back lane where the sign clearly states ‘parking in Burnaby lanes is prohibited.’ This is nothing, there used to be a lineup of vehicles before when the start and end times at the school were not staggered.”

Parents, please be better. Set a better example for your kids.

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