This is Burnaby’s most ingenious lamb dish. Chop, chop

Chris Campbell

The worst part about going to a typical Greek restaurant in Burnaby is that you really don’t need to see the menu.

Seriously, it’s like they all photocopied the menus off of each other when it comes to the variety of dishes.

I’m not saying they aren’t delicious, but it’s a lot of the same…with heaping piles of rice and roast potatoes.

Rinse, repeat.

And then I dropped in a new place called Olove Green Kitchen (yes, Olove) on Hastings, just east of Holdom.

They are offering modern Green cuisine that offer traditional dishes with some alternative fare with special twists.

Such as deep-fried cauliflower with an eggplant puree, or a roasted beet salad. They also have baked feta cheese. A new item added is grilled octopus over this wild, rich puree that was delightful.

But the dish that really got me was the lamb. They offer lamb multiple ways, but it was the lamb chops that I thankfully went with.

They were thick and grilled to perfection, but they were also served on top of a spinach risotto and with Greek chips on the side.

I don’t recall ever seeing risotto on a Greek menu, much less a spinach version.

The combination was a revelation - the chips were also about the best I've ever had. Greek, but not like anything Greek that I had eaten before. My only regret was I was late for a movie and couldn’t try out the dessert menu.

I guess I’ll just have to go back.

DISCLAIMER: I have not been compensated by the restaurant in question in any way. They don’t even know I am writing about them.

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