Letter: Complaining Burnaby senior never should have brought her frail hubby


Re: My elderly Burnaby hubby was rudely put at the back of the line, NOW letters

I just read the letter from Dollina Stewart regarding her “rude” treatment at a local Safeway.

I was appalled. Not at Safeway as she suggested I be, but at her. Why on Earth, in these times, is she taking her elderly husband to the grocery store at a time of day when everyone else is lined up for service.

The only reason I can think of is that by having a senior citizen who walks with a cane with her, she expected that she would get special treatment and be allowed to enter the store at the head of the line, in effect jumping the queue.

She says her husband requires her help. This says to me she is able bodied. For Heaven’s sake, leave your husband at home. He is far more susceptible to the virus than most people. If you want to keep him safe taking him to the store is not the way to do it.

If Stewart cannot leave her husband alone, there are many stores with delivery services who pick your groceries and deliver them. It just takes some forethought and organization.

Ask your neighbours for assistance. If you do not know your neighbours this is the time to slip a note under their door and ask for help. You will be surprised.

I too am a senior, I walk with a walker or a cane. I stand in line. I get up early, shop, come home and take a nap to catch up.

I have been cheered and inspired by the number of my neighbours in the condo community in which I live who have called and asked if I need anything when they go out to shop.

Stay safe, stay at home. Follow the directions of the health professionals and flatten the curve.

Heather Fisher, Burnaby



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