Opinion: Burnaby ratrunners are just the worst tailgaters

Chris Campbell

I was driving to a friend’s place the other day when I was under attack by the road’s worst scourge.

The ratrunner.

Here I was, on Springer Avenue in North Burnaby, just minding my own business and doing the correct speed limit for a quiet residential street.

It was 7:46 a.m. on a weekday, so I was aware that people are trying to get to work.

I was also aware that rush hour is when ratrunners come out of their garages and drive recklessly in order to shave a few minutes off of their commute by avoiding main roads like Hastings or Lougheed.

This ratrunner comes RIGHT UP BEHIND ME – yes, he started tailgating me. He honked his horn and threw up his hands because I was driving the correct speed. He was really pissed because he couldn’t pass me because there were vehicles coming the other way.

Sorry, I refuse to go over the speed limit just because some ratrunning goof is in a rush.

This dude – it’s always a dude, right? – was livid.

He kept pushing his vehicle right up to my bumper and jamming on his horn.

I considered actually slowing down to really push him over the edge, but then I realized I was a grown-ass man – unlike this clown.

Eventually, I got to my turnoff and went on my merry way.

It’s just so aggravating having someone create such a tense situation.

And all because ratrunners are impatient.

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