Opinion: This maniac ran a solid red in front of a Burnaby school

Chris Campbell

Is there any point in having school zones if people aren’t going to even pretend they are there?

Well, of course there is, but that’s the feeling of frustration I have after receiving a frightening video depicting bad driver behaviour in Burnaby.

NOW reader Will Richardson-Little tweet a video to me today that was taken while he was riding his bike.

In the video, he comes to a full stop at the intersection of 16th Avenue and First Street – right in front of Second Street Elementary school in Burnaby.


The light goes solid red and you see on his left some maniac fly right by him and through the light and speeding off through a school zone because, apparently, the driver has something so important to get through it’s worth risking the lives of children.

You can see the video attached here and hear Richardson-Little exclaim, “seriously?”

My thoughts exactly.

Be better, people. Nothing is that important.

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