This restaurant serves Burnaby’s biggest portions. You will not finish

Chris Campbell

The biggest problem with fine dining is that sometimes you finish a really expensive meal and are still hungry.

So you stop off for pizza on the way home.

My friend refuses to go to fine dining places with me because of that. She likes a meal in which you know you have eaten.

So I took her to Anton’s Pasta Bar.

She wanted a big meal - she got a big meal. Anton’s has been around for decades – so long that I was still in college when I would drop by with friends at the old location on Hastings near Gilmore.

It was a hole-in-the-wall then, but has moved to nicer digs although it’s still not big enough to handle the crowds. You’ll often see a dozen or so people waiting out front of Anton’s.

antons two
The leftovers from Anton's Pasta Bar in North Burnaby. Chris Campbell photo

One reason? The huge menu. There are a lot of difference choices of pasta dishes on Anton’s menu.

Another reason? Huge portions. It’s a calling card. People proudly waddle out of Anton’s with a container of food that will feed the family for dinner the next night, or you for a few more lunches.

Life is expensive in Burnaby so it’s nice to get two meals for the price of one. And eating homemade pasta feels comforting.

My friend proudly displayed her take-home container in the fridge and ended up getting two more meals out of the leftovers. Consider her a convert.

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