(Video) Monster slams into parked Burnaby car before driving off

Chris Campbell

Watch the video below and try to not get angry.

I bet you can’t do it. I couldn’t. I watched a driver slam their vehicle into another on a quiet North Burnaby street and then drive away and I wanted to hurt something.

The driver of the old grey two-door vehicle doesn’t even hesitate for a second before taking off. Usually, someone who isn’t drunk or a sociopath will at least pause for a few seconds to consider doing the right thing.

Nope, not this monster of a human being.

Jamie – the owner of the vehicle that gets crunched who doesn’t want her last name used – sent me the video hoping that we could post it and jog someone’s memory.

Take a look at the offending vehicle, which was driving in the Duthie/Curtis area on Sunday at 11:20 a.m. The vehicle will have a smashed front light on the driver’s side.

Jamie’s neighbour – who captured the video – ran outside to get a licence number, but the white male driving was already speeding off.

“You do something like that and then have the balls to still drive off?” said Jamie, a palpable rage in her voice.

If you know something, say something to the Burnaby RCMP.

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