$2.5 million tab to replace Delta streetlights with LED bulbs

The City of Delta is considering converting all streetlight bulbs to LED as a way to reduce electricity and maintenance costs.

Mayor George Harvie brought forward a motion in the spring, which was endorsed by council at the time, requesting staff investigate the potential of converting Delta’s existing HPS streetlights to LED technology.

According to that staff report, the use of LED technology in streetlights has been a regular part of Delta’s capital infrastructure program for a number of years. New roadway construction or streetlight replacement projects have included streetlights with LED technology.

Delta has approximately 478 LED streetlights as a result of these programs with more than 5,000 HPS light fixtures remaining in place throughout the city.

“A program to fully convert Delta’s HPS streetlights to LED is not currently budgeted for in the capital of operating budgets,” notes the staff report. “The estimated cost for such a program is $2.5 million, which could be recovered within seven to 10 years through improved efficiency of the system.”

With this report in hand, council has asked that further discussion take place at its 2020 business plan workshop that will take place later in the fall.

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