Blog: Good deeds lead to rat infestation

Delta BC

In the pest control business we often run into people with good intentions that cause rat infestation in a neighborhood because of their efforts to feed the area's wildlife.

These rat infestations are often a result of well-intentioned people who only want to feed birds, squirrels or raccoons on their property, but often this isn’t the only wildlife that they end up feeding.

Beneath the bird feeders, mice and rats soon discover that there is a constant source of food. Often times, these rodents will get into the bird feeders. The mice and rats soon take over the neighborhood with the rats trying to get into houses by burrowing deep holes around the foundations, or accessing the attics from shrubs, trees and chimneys.

The rodent issue in that neighborhood is not unique, rats are a problem throughout Delta. They're everywhere — they're in Ladner, Tsawwassen and North Delta. The rodents have become such a nuisance that it is suggested not to feed wildlife, such as squirrels and raccoons.

Go Green Pest Control owner Randy Bilesky is a long-time South Delta resident. Trained and certified, Bilesky has first-hand knowledge of the pest problems that local homeowners and business owners encounter.

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