Blog: Rats to invade Delta homes just in time for Halloween

Delta BC

Act now, as it is time to prepare for a real Halloween invasion as rats begin to take up residence in attics, walls and crawl spaces. Hundreds of super-sized (38cm) disease-ridden rodents are scurrying for protection and nesting spots as the autumn rain takes hold and temperatures drop.

Rodents are responsible for millions of dollars’ worth of damage to homes across B.C. from gnawing through electrical wire, framing lumber and fouling insulation. This is the time of year where we get an increase in rodent calls by over 50% and keep in mind, one female rats can have as many as 72 babies in a year.

A few ways to prevent rats from getting into your house include:

  • Seal gaps and cracks around the foundation, windows, doors, eaves and drains.
  • Keep your property clutter free and tidy especially in autumn as leaves, twigs and branches can be ideal hiding spaces for rats.
  • Look for leaks in plumbing and roofs as a water supply is mandatory for rats.
  • Cut all shrubs and trees at least 2 meters away from your house. 


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