Comment period for Delta grinding facility proposal

The public has a chance to comment on a project which could see thousands of additional trucks driving though Delta.

An application by Lehigh Hanson Materials Ltd. to build a grinding facility with a marine terminal is now undergoing a review through the B.C. Environmental Assessment Act and Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.

Located adjacent to its existing cement plant on Tilbury Island, the Delta Grinding Facility Project would produce up to 650,000 tonnes of supplementary cementitious material per year when fully operational, and would have an operational life of at least 40 years, according to the company.

The province’s Environmental Assessment Office has opened the comment period on the Valued Components Rationale Document from Feb 14 through March 15, 2020.


It’s to ensure all potential effects, including environmental, economic social, heritage and heath are identified.

“At this stage of the process, the primary intent is to receive feedback about the studies or information required for a comprehensive environmental assessment,” the EAO states.

“The project is located in a region that has not been the subject of federal regional environmental studies. The site of the proposed project is surrounded by several projects that have been subject to environmental assessment (under both the provincial and federal review processes), including the WesPac Tilbury Marine Jetty Project, South Fraser Perimeter Road Project, George Massey Tunnel Replacement Project, Vancouver Airport Fuel Delivery Project and the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project. Publicly available information from these projects that can inform the effects assessment of the Delta Grinding Facility will be drawn upon,” the company explained in its project description.

Panamax or Handymax vessels would deliver raw materials to the facility, while the final product would be delivered equally to customers by truck and barge.

It would result in 7,917 trucks per year transporting product from the facility.

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