Crime Beat: Police respond to online fraud, wild house party, etc.

The following are some of the calls the Delta police responded to in the previous week


October 6th, 8:12am, 100 block of 67A Street: Complainant reported a black SUV parked illegally in the neighbourhood. Complainant advised that the SUV had been parked overnight and had not noticed anyone coming or going from the vehicle since. Police located the vehicle and confirmed it was parked illegally with the vehicle parked on the road within two metres of two separate driveways. Attempts to contact the Registered Owner were negative. Subsequently, Delta Bylaw notice was left for a Bylaw offence under Section 6.4(b) Stop, Stand or park in front of or within 2 metres of a driveway.

October 7th, 8:58am, 5500 Block of 8 B Avenue: Police were dispatched to a reported theft from auto. The complainant advised police that someone entered his vehicle sometime the night prior as he had left it unlocked and parked on the street. The complainant noted no damage to the vehicle, but his wallet, containing his personal IDs were taken. The complainant was notified by credit card company that there was an unusual purchase which was flagged as suspicious. The complainant has since cancelled all cards and ordered replacements.

October 7th, 5:11pm, 1200 Block of 52nd Street:Police received a 911 from a residence. The parent stayed on the line with dispatch and advised that his daughter had dialed 911 by mistake while playing with the phone. Police attended the residence and confirmed no emergency services were required. 911 confirmed false.

October 8th, 10:17am, 5100 Block of Stevens Drive: Complainant advised police that she had applied to a job as a virtual assistant. The complainant was concerned as the employer was wanting to pay her for her first week up front and that this was a potential fraud situation. Police attended and queried the IP of the email sent by the employer which originated from Google Headquarters. The complainant was advised to seek further info from the employer and to use caution and to not exchange any of her own money without further info. The complainant advised to follow up with Police if there is any further information and to drop the job if there is any doubt in the legitimacy of the company.

October 9th, 12:18am, 5900 Block of 17A Avenue: Complainant reported a mischief at Beach Grove Elementary. Police attended and spoke to the principal, who had arranged for cleanup prior to Police attendance. The principal provided a photo of the graffiti, which showed a Swastika and male genitalia in black spray paint. Mark believed damage occurred sometime over the weekend.

October 10th, 11:43pm, 5400 Block of 8 B Avenue:Delta Police Officers were in the area of 8B Ave and 54th Street when a group of youth started setting off firecrackers. The officers seized the firecrackers for destruction.


October 7th, 11:21am: An elderly complainantattended DPD HQ to report a fraud in the amount of $500 USD. The complainant stated he was having trouble with his e-mail and received a phone call from a tech support company stating he had been hacked. The complainant was unsure how everything happened however it sounded as though remote access may have been given to the caller. The complainant stated he approved a payment through his PayPal account but that the password had been changed and the recipient information had been changed to a foreign name.  The complainant took his computer to another tech support company to have it serviced and multiple spyware and malware programs were removed. The complainant has since closed his Paypal account and cancelled associated credit cards.


October 9th, 5:34pm:Complainant attended DPD HQ to report a suspected scam phone call he received. The complainant stated he received a call from someone stating they were an officer with Service Canada and that his SIN was used to open 25 bank accounts associated to money laundering. The complainant then provided his name, address, postal code, places he banked, how many credit cards he had, and the last 3 digits of his SIN. The caller put the complainant on hold and then disconnected. The complainant was advised to contact his bank, check Equifax to ensure no credit applications were made in his name and to be vigilant about suspicious phone calls in the future.


October 9th, 7:47pm, 4500 Block of River Road West:Complainant reported that she had e-transferred $250 to an individual via email to purchase concert tickets. The complainant advised that once money was transferred to the individual, all communications went silent as the telephone number provided to the complainant was no longer in service. The complainant reports bank will cover the fraud.


October 11, 8:22 am, corner of 56th Street and 28th Ave:  Complainant reported an election sign that had been defaced. Police attended and confirmed a sign had been subjected to graffiti. Similar election sign tampering has occurred in other jurisdictions across the country. Investigation is ongoing.


October 11, 5:58 pm, 4700 block Arthur Drive:  Police received report of a fight on a bus stopped at this location. All other occupants had exited the bus. Police arrived to find all passengers standing beside the bus and the subjects of the complaint gone. The fight had apparently been consensual in nature.


October 11, 10:49 pm, 6200 Ladner Trunk Road:Police pulled over a vehicle and observed a distinct odour of liquor on driver’s breath. Driver provided two fail samples, and driver was prohibited from driving for 90 days and vehicle impounded for 30 days. 


October 12th, 11:18pm, 4500 Block of Arthur Drive: Complainantreported a large group of youths obstructing traffic in the area. Police attended to learn a large house party had let out in the area. Several groups of youth began dispersing upon police arrival. Police conducted area patrols to ensure quiet and rapid departure of youth. Subsequently police discovered damage in the area. Police met with a complainant in the 4600 block Evergreen lane, who presented police with his vehicle. Police viewed damage to the driver’s side rear view mirror, consistent with being kicked or pulled. Police estimate damage at $300.



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