Delta residents want city to slow down speeders

A group of North Delta residents are asking the city to slow down traffic on their street.

Council recently got a petition with over 60 names from residents on 119A Street asking that speeds bumps be installed.

In a letter to council, a homeowner noted that 118th Street had speeds bumps installed but now traffic and vehicle speeds have gone up for 119A.

“It is a concern for all the noted signatories and they agreed that the situation is dangerous. I have noticed that this area has had more families with children moving in…and there is a registered daycare centre on 119A as well,” wrote Calvin Peterson.

A Delta staff response noted traffic data will be evaluated as to whether the street is a candidate for traffic calming under the city’s traffic calming policy.

The request will also be referred to the city’s transportation and technical committee.

According to the city’s neighbourhood traffic calming and procedures policy, residents often have a greater knowledge in a neighbourhood of traffic issues than municipal staff.

The residents have the opportunity to observe over an extended period, whereas staff must rely on short duration observational surveys that provide a snapshot of the situation.

That’s why staff conduct opinion surveys and meet with residents to gain a full understanding of the issues, concerns and values of a neighbourhood.

Staff can then derive a list of objectives for developing a traffic calming plan.



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