Murals and other public art could be coming to Ladner Village

New mural could be part of a wider program

Ladner Village could soon have the first of several new murals.

The city is looking into adding artwork on a blank wall on 48th Avenue across from Stir Coffee House. The wall on the Telus building was made visible earlier this when the city cut down several trees on the street.

Coun. Dylan Kruger, a member of the Ladner Village Renewal Advisory Committee, told the Optimist the committee unanimously supported the idea of a mural installation on the building as the “gateway” to the village.

“With council’s support, the city put out a request for proposals this fall. Four qualified proposals have been selected for review by a new panel comprised of members of the Delta art community as well as members of the LVRAC. A winner will be chosen by the panel shortly, with installation to take place by spring of 2020,” Kruger explained.

“In my view, public art is a critical component of any vibrant city. If we want to incentivize more people to come to Ladner Village, we have to create places of interest with our public space. That’s why I put forward a motion in our committee that Delta create a new public art program. This will be one of the final recommendations that the LVRAC brings to Delta council in January,” he added.

The idea of making Ladner Village more of a destination by having a mural project had already been put forward by the Delta Fishing Heritage Society.

“We want to show the community that it could be done and what it looks like, and let’s get on with it and do the whole town. There’s all kinds of places in Ladner that we could display heritage art,” said society president John Stevens in a previous interview.

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