Not the right way to get around in Delta

No, he shouldn’t be doing that.

That’s what most drivers would undoubtedly have to say about people driving their unlicensed mobility scooters on the road, something that was seen at the intersection of Scott Road and 64th Avenue in Delta on Friday morning.

The elderly driver in the above photo seemed oblivious as he went up Scott northbound and made a left onto 64th.   

Mobility scooters do not require registration, insurance or a licence in B.C.

People using motorized wheelchairs and mobility scooters are classified the same as a pedestrian and the devices can be used on sidewalks and crosswalks.

ICBC says those in mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs should only ride where it's safe, following the same rules and guidelines that apply to pedestrians when it comes to using the road.


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