Prohibited, impaired driver could face big fines, jail time

Delta police are offering up a message for any prohibited drivers who choose to then drive while they are impaired after a vehicle stop in North Delta this week – don’t do it or face major consequences.

“Did you know - driving while prohibited or while your license is suspended is a criminal offence,” wrote DPD on their Facebook page. “So, if you’re stopped by police for impaired driving, for example, have your license suspended, and then make the poor decision to drive during that time, you face serious consequences.

“Our officer stopped one of those prohibited drivers this week in North Delta. The driver had received a 90-day prohibition for impaired driving in October, but was caught behind the wheel. Now he must appear in court in February. He’ll face a fine of between $500 and $2,000 and/or up to six months jail time on a first conviction, and he will be prohibited from driving or at least 12 months.”

His car was also towed and impounded again.

“Your license can also be suspended if you have driving habits that often elicit police attention. Repeated tickets will earn you a review from the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles.”

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