TFN gives pedestrians priority on roadways

The Tsawwassen First Nation executive council has enacted a COVID-19 safety plan that grants people the right-of-way to occupy roadways on Tsawwassen lands.

Pedestrians will now be given priority access on all Tsawwassen lands to ensure they’re able to practice safe social and physical distancing, while promoting their physical and mental well-being. Access and connection to the land and water is grounded in Tsawwassen values and culture.

This means that pedestrians may now occupy TFN roadways, whether or not there is a pedestrian sidewalk, and that cars must yield to pedestrians, except where they may pass.

The executive council made the decision with concern for the health of its members and leaseholders in order to promote proper social distancing measures established by the provincial government.

In a news release, the TFN stated that Indigenous communities have disproportionately been impacted in previous historical pandemics, including the 1919 flu pandemic and the 2009 pH1N1 pandemic.

For that reason, residential Tsawwassen lands are open for local traffic only. All residents who live outside the TFN Member Community Housing Area are requested not to access that area. The TFN Member Community Housing Area extends largely along the waterfront corridor of Tsawwassen Drive.

The speed limits in residential areas on Tsawwassen lands are 30 km/h.

Only people who live and work on residential Tsawwassen lands will have pedestrian and vehicular access, except for deliveries and services

Residential construction job sites will not be impacted at this time, but the safety measures that have been implemented by this order must be followed.

“Local Traffic Only” signs will be erected at various locations.

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