Delta Housing Be Mine celebrates 'Inclusive Housing' theme

The Delta Housing Be Mine Society is celebrating “Inclusive Housing” being the 2020 theme of this year’s Community Inclusion Month.

The Province of B.C. Proclamation on Community Inclusion Month states, "WHEREAS inclusive housing builds strong, supportive, accessible and more resilient communities where everyone belongs, feels valued and has the chance to contribute….inclusive housing must consider the unique needs of all people to be truly inclusive…”

The society says throughout the month of October, it is having collaborative conversations about inclusive housing in Delta and what it means to people with intellectual disabilities. 

Inclusion B.C. notes it estimates that more than 10,000 adults with intellectual disabilities living in this province are without affordable housing, needed personal supports and community links that keep individuals safe, living with dignity and socially and economically included in their communities.

A comprehensive community and housing profile report on Delta notes participants during community consultations on the city’s housing needs spoke about the significant need for inclusive housing for people with intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities as well as seniors needing supports.

One study estimates that 400 people with developmental disabilities will need independent rental housing over the next 10 years, the report notes.

The report also found that individuals with developmental disabilities requiring supports were cited as a key group that is underserved in Delta.

A previous Delta civic report noted that as Delta’s population ages, impacting both the number of seniors needing support as well as adults with intellectual disabilities whose parents or caregivers may no longer be able to adequately care for them, there will be an increased need for affordable, appropriate and suitable housing.

The housing profile is to help shape the City of Delta’s new overall housing action plan, which is to be completed this year.

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