Delta throwback: Working Westham Island

Let’s go back in time to 1940 and check out Joseph Tamboline Jr. with a Sikh farm worker threshing oats on Westham Island in the above photo.

Joseph’s pioneer farm family have been integral parts of Westham Island and the Ladner community.

Joseph Sr. was born in Lucca, Italy, leaving at age 14 for California and Nanaimo before settling on the island in 1886.

He married Emma Faulkner in 1891.

She was a daughter of farmer James Faulkner, who came to Westham Island in 1888.

Joseph and Emma had seven sons and three daughters, including Joseph Jr., William, Louis, Lena, Victor, James, George, Laura, John and Dorothy.

William Tamboline married Margaret Frew in 1915.

Upon his return from the military service in WW1, William and Margaret farmed the Frew farm and moved into the James Frew farmhouse.

They received the Delta Good Citizen of the Year Award by the Delta Board of Trade in 1960.

Margaret's sister, Ellen, married Joseph Jr. in 1920 and they farmed Joseph Sr.'s farm.

delta optimist throwback

A Delta Archives photo showing a 1912 harvesting scene on the Joseph Tamboline Sr. farm on Westham Island. Helping with the farm work are Joseph's brother Louis, and Joseph's sons, as well as some hired farmhands and neighboring farmer James Frew


delta throwback

The Tamboline family having a meal on Westham Island in 1956. The porch was originally open when built by James Frew but William Tamboline enclosed to use for large family meals.



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