Delta to give fitness-only passes a try

Delta’s parks and recreation department will be making fitness-only passes available at the North Delta Recreation Centre starting next month, and it could be available at other recreation centres down the road.

A staff report notes the city currently offers a daily drop-in pass that allows patrons to access multiple facilities and multiple spaces within those facilities as long as they wear a wristband.

The North Delta Recreation Centre fitness space was created in 2016 as part of an overall facility expansion. Part of the rationale in establishing the space was to relieve the ongoing pressure experienced at nearby Sungod Recreation Centre.

When the expansion was completed a reduced drop-in pass was offered for several months, however after that promotion ended many patrons went back to Sungod.

The North Delta Recreation Centre does not have a year-round pool, hot tub or sauna, therefore there is a case to introduce a fitness-only pass, the report explains.

“Introducing a fitness-only pass at the centre is logistically possible and can be accommodated by providing a separate wristband for these patrons. It will require additional supervision by staff to ensure access is limited to the fitness space only,” the report notes.

“It should be noted that patrons at other Delta recreation facilities have asked staff to introduce a fitness-only pass. Should this be envisioned for other facilities, further consideration will be required to determine how to administer the pass.”

The monthly fitness-only passes will cost $28 for young adults (ages 19-24), $35 for adults (25-64) and $25 for seniors (65-84).

The city will review the results in a year.

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