Here's how many advance ballots were cast in Delta

More advanced votes have been cast for the upcoming B.C. provincial election than any other in the province’s history.

According to Elections B.C., almost 700,000 advance ballots have been cast in the seven days of advanced polls which have since closed.

The advanced votes will be counted along with ballots cast this Saturday, Oct. 24.

According to Elections B.C., the total advance voter turnout in riding of Delta South saw 8,930 ballots cast. The riding has 37,039 eligible voters.

Delta North, which has 37,998 eligible voters, saw 7,212 advance ballots cast.

Elections B.C. also notes that almost 400,000 mail-in ballots have, so far, been returned of the more than 724,000 packages that were requested and issued.

As of Oct. 21, Elections B.C. issued 8,673 mail-in ballot packages in Delta South and 6,967 in Delta North.

It will take about two weeks to verify and cast the mail-in ballots after election day.

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