North Van students' imaginative transit artwork displayed at SkyTrain station

Submarines are set to replace SeaBus – at least that’s the vision that Leia and Findlay, two students at Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School, outlined as part of a recent art project.

Leia and Findlay’s piece, along with the work of 11 other students at the North Vancouver school, are now on display at the Commercial-Broadway SkyTrain station in Vancouver after the students won the TrankLink Transport 2050 Poster Contest for their futuristic and inventive artwork which considers what public transportation might like look in Metro Vancouver 30 years from now.

On Wednesday, the students had the opportunity to visit the SkyTrain station to see their work on display for the first time.

The students’ artwork ranges from the inventive to the unconventional – and everywhere in between – and includes ideas such as “bubble cars” that “float in the air” and “use solar and wind power to operate” as well as “seven decker buses.”

TransLink is currently leading the Transport 2050 initiative, a regional transportation strategy to gain input on how the next several decades of transportation will look in Metro Vancouver.

Looking to give your input? Visit the Transport 2050 website.


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