North Van teacher takes News on Mount Fuji trek

Last month, Adam Grossi fulfilled his lifelong dream of climbing Japan’s Mount Fuji.

According to Grossi, who’s a teacher at St. Edmunds Elementary in North Vancouver, there were two items he made sure to bring with him that he knew he wanted to be photographed alongside with at the summit: his Canucks jersey and a copy of the North Shore News.

“The trip to the top never reached the moment-to-moment intensity of the Grouse Grind, but it did have its fair share of genuine challenges such as carrying a heavy backpack of extra clothing, some unsteady terrain in the early parts of the hike, the piercing cold at the summit prior to the sunrise and the change in altitude in the final stretches of the climb truly did a number on me,” Grossi stated in an email.

“However, I made it to the top and was treated with one of the most spectacular surprises I've ever seen. I'm not usually one to be in awe of nature, but the beauty of the view truly gave me chills.”

Thanks for bringing us to the top along with you, Adam!

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