Kudos: Richmond Centre for Disability receives second donation of masks

A growing number of local retail stores have mandated the use of masks or face coverings while in public. But finding these supplies are still difficult for vulnerable people.


The Richmond Centre for Disability (RCD), a not-for-profit dedicated to supporting independent living for people with disabilities, received 2,000 masks from Tzu Chi Foundation Canada - an organization that carries out its mission to help everyone.


“It has been a difficult time for everyone, especially for people who suffer from disabilities, and are stuck at home because of a lack in safety protective gear,” said Shuqing Cai, one of the employees with the Tzu Chi Foundation Canada.


Everyone, said Cai, is encouraged to wear a face-covering if they want to go outside for some fresh air, but the “new normal” has caused an increase of anxiety for people with special needs as they constantly worry about where to purchase face masks or coverings.


“I don’t want to see them feeling stressed. We did the simplest gestures, but it might go a long way and hopefully make them feel included and extremely loved,” said Cai, adding that she hopes to be able to contribute more to RCD in the future. 

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