Moms sing for mental wellness in Richmond

A group of mothers will focus on mental health in motherhood through storytelling and music in Richmond next week.

MomChoir, a community choir of mothers from North Vancouver, and the all-female acapella group Sweet Scarlet are hosting a concert to share the joys of motherhood as well as raising awareness of postpartum depression.

Katy Cadman, artistic director and conductor for MomChoir, created the community choir to connect mothers with each other and build a sense of community.

“We come together to sing and raise each other up through our songs and we really wanted to branch out and do something for the community,” said Cadman.

The 60-member choir, she said, decided to do fundraise for postpartum by putting on a show “exclusively by moms for moms to raise awareness for it” after a member shared her suffering and struggles with postpartum depression.

“One of the things that helped her was her commitment to music and songs.” said Cadman, adding the choir believes music does amazing things to uplift people’s spirits.

“I think it’s about pursuing a passion and just doing it with other like-minded people helps build a community around you.”

She told the Richmond News that she believes it “takes a whole village to raise a parent” through stories, sharing and lifting each other up.

“We’re really here to make a connection with people and I think the show … and Richmond are safe spaces for parents to do that.”

Cadman hopes attendees can “feel a little bit of themselves” in all of the choir members on stage because of their parenthood experiences, but most importantly create a community of support through their passions.

The concert will be held at the Gateway Theatre on Feb. 29 from 7 to 9 p.m. and tickets can be purchased online at

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