Richmond launches free repair fair

Richmond residents who have small appliances that need repairing can get them fixed for free starting next month.

The City of Richmond is partnering with Repair Matters, a Vancouver-based initiative, to bring people with different skills together and offer their repair expertise for residents who need help fixing small household items.

“We’re hosting this event as a service for our residents that also supports our goal to be a sustainable and environmentally conscious city that shows leadership in addressing climate change and promoting circular economy principles,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie, adding that the fair makes it convenient for residents to get household items fixed.

Small electric household items such as toasters, blenders, sewing machines, space heaters and lamps are accepted. Other items such as jewelry, toys and bikes are welcomed as well.

Large items such as TVs, computers and phones or clothing are not accepted.

There is a limit of one item per resident at the fair.

Before to the event, residents are encouraged to comment on the City’s Repair Fair Facebook event page at or contact the city at with the items they are bringing in.

Here is the schedule for Richmond’s 2020 Repair Fair:

Richmond Repair Fair
The City of Richmond is hosting a series of workshops during the Repair Fair from March until October. Photo submitted.
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