Richmond artist ambassador selected for BC Culture Days

Local artist, Emily Shin, was ecstatic when a call came in telling her she was one of 10 ambassadors selected to help promote BC Culture Days, a province-wide event, which will be held on Sept. 27 to 29.

BC Culture Days’ ambassador program gave $1,000 to each of the selected ambassadors for the event’s 10th anniversary as well as a three-month mentorship program.

The self-taught artist was given the opportunity to choose her own mentor and has since been under the guidance of Lorraine Wellman, who is vice-president of the Richmond Artist Guild.

“I immediately said Lorraine because she is the one that brought me into the guild and she is the one that gave me all the opportunities to exhibit my work and connect with the community,” said Shin.

The mentorship program with Wellman required her to spend around seven hours a month, for three months, learning how to improve her art style.

During Culture Days, Shin will host a free painting class which anyone can join – no skills or experience is needed.

She believes that everyone has an artist inside of them because “we learn how to draw before we can write.”

“Art is a really interesting thing because you are expressing yourself - it’s like a perspective,” said Shin. “People who look at your art, they can feel what you’re feeling too and it’s really beautiful when you can communicate through a piece of art.”

And she wants to encourage people to participate in art because it’s for everyone and not just for artists.

“I think my ultimate goal is to influence people as an artist. I've been through a lot and I see myself growing as an artist, I want people to know sometimes you just need to give your all and be confident.”

Visit more information on Emily Shin’s art class.

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