Richmond-based Chinese real estate company targeted by false posters

Posters slapped on an office building — announcing the bankruptcy of a Richmond-based real estate agency — is fake news, according to the owner of the company. It has merely moved to Vancouver.

Photos showing posters on the window of Maxcel Westcoast Realty, at 6020 Blundell Rd., created a buzz on Chinese language social media sites, including one of the biggest Chinese language online forums, VanPeople.

At one point, the post was trending as the most viewed on Chinese social media.
The posters, dated Nov. 5, 2019, printed in Chinese characters, stated “the company has closed, which means it doesn’t exist anymore, please stop knocking on my door.” 

However, when the Richmond News visited the office last Thursday, all the posters had been removed from the office windows. 

According to Kathy Xu, owner and co-founder of Maxcel Westcoast Realty, the posters contain false information. 

The company is still operating and the whole team relocated from Richmond to their Vancouver office earlier this week. 

Xu has no idea who hung the posters on the window. 

A spokesperson from the Real Estate Council of British Columbia (RECBC) also confirmed that the company is licensed and just moved to Vancouver.

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