Book List: Kids Halloween Book List

The Richmond Public Library and the Richmond News have teamed up to help readers discover some new Halloween reads for kids:

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Apples and Pumpkins by Anne Rockwell

A classic, autumnal story told in simple verse about a little girl preparing for Halloween. She visits the farm to pick the reddest apples and the most perfect pumpkin, carves out her pumpkin, and goes trick-or-treating. A perfect book for little ones who are experiencing the farm and Halloween for the first time.

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The Three Bears' Halloween by Kathy Duval

Are you familiar with Goldilocks and the Three Bears? This version turns the old fairy-tale on its head when the Bear Family stumbles upon a house in the woods with its door wide open on Halloween Night. They go in to eat food that isn’t theirs, break chairs, and jump on all the beds! A silly and spooky twist that will get kids laughing.

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Mouse's First Halloween by Lauren Thompson

A delightful story about a little mouse who fears every little sound around the corner. The comforting refrain lets us know it is only a little Halloween fun and "not so scary after all."

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Spooky Pookie by Sandra Boynton

Rhymes, bright colours, and adorable characters will have you screaming for more cuteness! This Sandra Boyton book will make you remember how important choosing a Halloween costume is.

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The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by Linda Williams

A little old lady is walking in the woods one dark and windy autumn evening when she was suddenly followed by shoes, shirts, pants and a pumpkin. Five stars for this engaging, cumulative book that shows young children the scariest things aren’t scary when you meet them face-to-face.

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Otter Loves Halloween! by Sam Garton

Trust the Halloween expert – Otter! Read along as Teddy and Otter decorate the house and get ready for Halloween. Lovable and charming, these illustrations will entertain you through the most important holiday of all – Halloween!

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Scaredy Squirrel Prepares for Halloween: a Safety Guide for Scaredies by Melanie Watt

Melanie Watt delivers another fun Scardey Squirrel book. This one is filled with safety tips on how to carve pumpkins, creating safe costumes, and going trick-or-treating with friends.

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Ed Emberley's Drawing Book of Halloween by Ed Emberley

If you ever wished you could learn how to draw and doodle, you need to check out an Ed Emberley drawing book. Using basic shapes, you are guided methodically through a step-by-step process until an adorable 2-dimensional figure is created. Perfect for little artists and Halloween cards with a lot of heart.

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Nate the Great and the Halloween Hunt by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat

A fun read-aloud, this series introduces children to the detective genre. Use problem-solving skills to figure out the mystery while laughing out loud at silly characters, animals, dancing artichokes and more!

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Go Away, Big Green Monster! by Ed Emberley

Vibrant, die-cut pages show a monster appearing with each new facial feature, then disappearing bit by bit until the ending when children scream to read it again. A fantastic, interactive storytime book. This safe, lovable monster obeys by going away when told, and even makes everyone laugh while overcoming their fears.

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